Heavy solids contained in the wastewater, such as sand, clay, enamel, dirt particles, metal hydroxides, or metal abrasion sink to the bottom. This process is called sedimentation; it is made use of in lamella separators in industrial wastewater treatment.

Products for this application

Where are lamella separators used for sedimentation in industrial wastewater treatment?

  • for separating sludgy components in the wastewater from cleaning processes
  • for separating enamel slurry from tile production
  • for separating metal abrasion from metal processing
  • for separating precipitated heavy metals from acidic rinse water such as iron hydroxide, zinc hydroxide, and copper hydroxide for subsequent dewatering in a chamber filter press
  • for separating phosphates such as calcium phosphate, iron phosphate, or aluminiuim phosphate from phosphating processes
  • for separating precipitated fluorides such as calcium fluoride from etching processes

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