Wastewater Treatment for the Energy Sector


Different types of wastewater are produced during energy generation and distribution. Wet flue gas scrubbing in power plants and incineration plants produces acidic and alkaline wastewater that is contaminated with heavy metals. Particular attention must be paid to mercury (Hg). Large high-voltage transformers filled with transformer oil operate in substations. As a result of maintenance work or leaks, transformer oil gets into the bunds located under the transformers.

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What solutions does OKO-tech offer for this wastewater?

Wastewater containing transformer oil from the bunds is treated in OKO-aquaclean emulsion breaking systems in an energetically fabourable way. Acidic mercury-containing washwater from flue gas cleaning is treated safely and economically in physico-chemical WWTPs by  neutralisation and heavy-metal precipitation.

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