Waste Water Treatment for the Waste Management Industry


The treatment of aqueous, liquid waste in WWTPs is an important field of activity in the waste management industry. This waste is very diverse and contains a wide variety of pollutants. This includes organic, oily waste, such as oil-water mixtures, oil-water separator contents, processing emulsions and spray booth wastewater. Inorganic waste, such as used acids and alkalis as well as rinse water and washwater containing heavy metal salts, are also included.

Products for this industry

What solutions does OKO-tech offer for this waste?

The physico-chemical WWTPs OKO-cpa 4.0 provided by OKO-tech are a modular treatment system for a wide variety of aqueous, organically and inorganically contaminated waste tailored to the needs of the waste management industry. The plants comply with the BAT (Best Available Technology) requirements.

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