Flotation Systems

OKO-aquaclean flotation systems are multi-functional wastewater treatment systems. Several treatment processes are integrated in one compact unit. The contaminants are separated in a continuous flow. The systems react fully automatically to changing degrees of contamination and volume flows.

Flotation System


We live „Made in Germany“ by combining handcraft and state-of-the-art production technology
Best Available Technology (BAT)
Very low energy demand of only 0.6 - 1 kWh/m³ of wastewater
Very low space requirement
Environmentally friendly coagulation of emulsified substances
Lowest quantities of residual materials in realtion to the quantity treated, only approx. 2% - 5%
Very low costs for maintenance and servicing

Flotation (DAF)

In flotation, wastewater constituents are removed from the water by enriching it with air. OKO-tech’s high-performance flotation is a process integrated into the system that floats and separates the smallest particles or oil droplets by generating microscopically small air bubbles. The reactor with 7 chambers and a flow-optimised flotation module (DAF) is equipped with an automatic level-control system for the volume flow selected (OVR).

Dosing Technology

Depending on the treatment task, the OKO-aquaclean system can be equipped with up to 9 dosing pumps. Usually, one to four dosing pumps are installed depending on the defined treatment process. The dosing capacity of the pumps is calibrated to the respective medium to be pumped, thus ensuring exact dosing and avoiding unnecessary costs due to overdosing.


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