Physico-Chemical WWTPs for Waste Management Companies: OKO-cpa 4.0

The OKO-cpa 4.0 concept is based on the requirements of a highly economical and safe treatment of aqueous waste in terms of BAT – Best Available Technology. Our physico-chemical systems accept both organically and inorganically contaminated liquid waste in separate treatment lines and treat it physico-chemically.

OKO-cpa 4.0 plants treat wastewater in such a way that it can be discharged afterwards into the sewerage system in accordance with the legal
discharge requirements. Another option offered by our space-saving and efficient wastewater treatment plants is wastewater-free operation by reusing the clear water as process water. This method saves water and energy costs, which pays for itself very quickly.

Flotation System


Best Availabe Technology (BAT)
Safe system as defined by the German AWSV (Ordinance on installations for handling substances hazardous to water)
Completely closed system technology in accordance with the German TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control)
High degree of automation, few personnel required
Sensor-based use of operating resources
Few but high-quality residues for economic utilisation


Waste Reception

The delivered waste is drained into a fluid-tight system at the receiving bays. All relevant input data is recorded on a PC. Solid sludge from vacuum trucks is discharged into a spaciously dimensioned receiving bay via discharge pistons. The waste from the vacuum trucks is unloaded so efficiently that transport logistics profit from short handling times.

Separation of Unwanted Material: OKO-rosi

The OKO-rosi rotary screen continuously screens out all coarse material > 3 mm. A high-performance pump transports the liquid phase into the OKO-select tanks at a flow rate of up to 60 m³/h. Optionally, the wastewater can be neutralised on its way from the OKO-rosi to the OKO-select tanks. Waste oil can also be detected and separated. The screening drum is self-cleaning, clogging is therefore impossible.

Tank Technology: OKO-select

Physical phase separation of oil, water, and sludge takes place in the OKO-select tanks. Each phase is pumped out separately. Sensors provide an electronic view into the tank, thus enabling the operating personnel to make optimal use of the separation of the phases sludge, water, and oil in the tank.
Experience has shown that waste handling in OKO-select tanks is twice as fast as in conventional storage tanks. This reduces the space required for buildings and tank field, thus allowing economic operation.

Wastewater Treatment: OKO-aquaclean

OKO-aquaclean systems form the centerpiece of the OKO-cpa 4.0. They are used to remove emulsions, heavy metals, oil components and other substances from the water that interfere with biological degradation. Once treatment is complete, the fractionations flotation froth/sludge, water and oil are channelled into the appropriate parts of the system.
The operator therefore has the option of selecting the most cost-effective treatment process. Extensive sensor technology and online analysers ensure automatic operation of the systems. The precisely controllable dosing pumps ensure an economical use of the chemicals as well as a high quality of the water.

Slude Dewatering: OKO-ewcs 

The sludge from various process stages, such as the sludge separated from the tank, the sedimented sludge from the OKO-select tanks, and the flotation sludge from the OKO-aquaclean system, is pumped into containers for dewatering and conditioning. 

OKO-ewcs is a time-saving, effective, and cost-efficient solution that produces a compact dewatered sludge fit for landfill disposal.

Control Technology

In OKO-cpa 4.0 CP systems, all components are connected to the central control system via sensors. Here, all relevant information is recorded, visualised, and monitored. The high degree of automation ensures effective and low-maintenance operation.

The visualisation and control of the treatment process is user-friendly, which makes it easier for the user to understand how to operate the system. In addition, the process can be controlled on site or remotely using the latest PLC technology.


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