Rotary screen OKO-rosi

Separation and Continuous Discharge of Coarse Material

The OKO-rosi rotary screen separates unwanted coarse material from liquid waste streams and discharges it continuously. It was specially designed for robust use in physico-chemical wastewater treatment plants and is ideal for receiving industrial wastewater.

OKO-rosi is completely encapsulated to avoid emissions. The dirty water is channelled into the internal screening drum, which reliably retains impurities larger than 3 mm such as gloves, knife blades, tools, leaves, stones, etc. A screw conveyor continuously and efficiently discharges the coarse material into a collection container.



Volume flows with a high contaminant load of up to 60 m³/h
Separation of impurities > 3mm
Continuous discharge of impurities
Integrated high-performance rinsing system
Very low costs for maintenance and servicing
Very low space requirement
Low energy demand


Separation of Impurities > 3mm

  • level-controlled waste transfer, impurities > 3 mm are separated

High-Performance Rinsing System

An integrated high-pressure rinsing system and brushes ensure that the screen perforations always remain clear. The water, now free of coarse material, is transported to the next treatment step via a directly flange-mounted pump.

  • booster pump and nozzle system for cleaning screen drum and tank

Pump Technology

  • automated impurity discharge
  • transfer pump with a capacity of up to 60 m³/h

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