Wastewater Treatment in the Metalworking Industry

Metallverarbeitende Industrie

The metalworking industry uses water, oils, and cooling lubricants as coolants and lubricants in many mechanical processing and machining steps. In addition to freephase oils, the used cooling lubricants also contain lots of dirt particles and metal abrasion.

After machining, water and special cleaning agents are used to remove oil and emulsion residues from the workpieces. The washwater thus contains oils or emulsions, mixed with metal and dirt residues. This waste water must be treated before being discharged indirectly into the municipal sewage treatment plant.

Products for this industry

What solutions does OKO-tech offer for this wastewater?

Wastewater containing emulsions and oils can be treated by demulsification in OKO-aquaclean emulsion breaking systems. At the same time, heavy-metal precipitation can also be carried out in OKO-aquaclean emulsion breaking systems to remove e.g. nickel, copper, lead and zinc.

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