Wastewater Treatment in the Textile/Fabric Care Industry


Laundries wash textiles such as clothing, bed linen and towels as well as doormats from a wide variety of sectors. Clothing and doormats from the metalworking industry, the automotive trade and printing works are usually contaminated with oil and grease residues, paints, and metal abrasion. In addition to the basic contamination with dirt and fluff, this causes the wastewater to be  contaminated with grease, oil, paints, and heavy metals, too.

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What solutions does OKO-tech offer for this wastewater?

Grease, oil, paint and fluff can be removed from the wastewater by an OKO-aquaclean flotation system in a safe and energy-efficient way. Heavy metals are removed by precipitation. This process step is integrated into the flotation system. It is also possible to retrofit existing wastewater treatment plants.

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