Wastewater Treatment for the Chemical Industry

Chemische Industrie

Water is widely used in the chemical industry. As well as being used for cooling, it is an important solvent and a cleaning agent for a wide range of applications. For this reason, chemical parks have large biological wastewater treatment plants for final treatment of the wastewater.

Prior to biological treatment, however, the wastewater must be treated physico-chemically and pre-cleaned. OKO-tech plants are ideally suited for this purpose. The physico-chemical treatment plants treat the contaminated water to such an extent that is may be fed into a biological treatment plant – they separate substances that would otherwise infere with or even prevent biological wastewater treatment. 

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What do OKO-tech wastewater systems do?

The chemical industry produces a wide variety of water contaminants. Grease, oil, emulsions, or heavy metals can contaminate process water during the production process.  OKO-tech offer various technologies in their plants for efficient wastewater treatment tailored to requirements:

We plan customised wastewater treatment systems depending on the wastewater properties. Whether flotation systems, evaporators or WWTPs in batch operation and continuous operation, whether discharge into the sewage system or wastewater-free production: OKO-tech wastewater treatment systems carry out these processes in an always economical, fully automatic, and energy-efficient way.

As a certified specialist within the meaning of the German Federal Water Act, we are experts in waste water regulations and water protection guidelines. We will be happy to advise you personally on your individual application requirements.

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