Waste Water Treatment for the Automotive Industry


In manufacturing motor vehicles, waste water is produced in various production steps. Cooling lubricant emulsions are used during the mechanical processing of metal parts. The machined components are washed before further use in order to remove deposits of coolants and cutting oils. Before being painted, metallic components are subjected to chemical pre-treatment processes such as phosphating to prevent corrosion. This involves multi-stage washing processes. The production of batteries for electromobility also generates a wide variety of wastewater.


Products for this industry

What solutions does OKO-tech offer for this wastewater?

Rinse water and washwater containing oils and emulsions are treated in OKO-aquaclean emulsion breaking systems in an energetically favourable way. Neutralisation and heavy-metal precipitation of acidic and alkaline rinse water and washwater is carried out safely and economically in physico-chemical treatment plants. Cooling lubricant emulsions are treated by organic emulsion breaking.

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