Physico-Chemical WWTPs for Industries

Industrial customers profit from continuous treatment plants and batch treatment plants that are planned, manufactured, installed, and commissioned specially for them. This is always carried out in accordance with the requirements of the most economical and safe treatment of industrial wastewater in terms of BAT – Best Available Technology. Our plants can treat both organically and inorganically contaminated industrial wastewaters. 

Physico-chemical treatment plants treat the water in such a way that it can be discharged into the sewerage system in accordance with legal
discharge requirements. Complex wastewater is treated in a multi-stage process which is possible due to a modular design of the plants.

Flotation system


Best Available Technology (BAT)
Safe system as defined by the German AwSV
Completely closed system technology in accordance with the German TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control)
High degree of automation, few personnel required
Sensor-based use of operating resources
Few but high-quality residues for economic utilisation

The following equipment can be integrated:


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