Oil-Water Separation/Coalescence Separation

In oil-water separators, free oil is separated from water by gravity. The decisive criterion for the separation performance is the retention time. The design and operation of oil-water separation systems is regulated in EN 858. If lightly emulsified oils are found in the water, these are referred to as unstable emulsions, which can be separated by using coalescence separators. The effect of these systems is based on the principle of coalescence – small oily particles are caused to flow together to form large oil droplets. This allows even the smallest oil droplets to float and be separated according to the principle of gravity. The basic versions of all OKO-aquaclean systems are designed as coalescence separators in accordance with EN 858 and have proven themselves thousands of times over as mobile oil-water separators and systems for groundwater remediation and cooling lubricant maintenance.


Washing conditions of > 60 °C and > 60 bar as well as the use of emulsifying cleaning agents, the use of an emulsion breaking system (EBS according to EN 858) is generally necessary. OKO-aquaclean oil-water separators can be equipped as emulsion breaking systems for this purpose.

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